Digital Transformation for Educational Publishers: Three case studies in strategic change


The world is changing: the ways we read, learn and teach are hardly recognizable now when compared to the slates, the chalkboards and even the textbooks of the past. 

After years of price increases, industry revenues are in permanent real decline with ebook and rental options undercutting textbook sales. With online courses such as MOOCs now accounting for around 14% of total enrolment in the US, the new landscape of learning is increasingly digital. 

In this brochure, we outline how forward-thinking publishers are tackling these challenges by investing in new technology, new ways of working and new ways of thinking about content. As well as investigating how the digital era is impacting on the way that we teach and learn, we will look at three studies in strategic change along the way: Pearson, Cengage Learning and Taylor & Francis.

Date Published : 02nd of July 2015