BAM! Make marketing pack a punch with Brand Asset Management

brand-wpaperModern marketing brings many new challenges and complexities. And while most marketing professionals have adapted readily to the speed of change, the same cannot be said for the technology and systems which they use to create, manage and disseminate their branded content and marketing materials.

This complimentary 20-page whitepaper will attempt to cover some of the key content and technology challenges, and address ways of meeting these challenges in order to empower marketers, bring greater brand consistency, work more efficiently and cater to consumer needs more proactively.

This whitepaper demonstrates how to: 

  • Maintain brand consistency at a global level, while managing different messaging and languages across multiple markets
  • Facilitate collaboration between designs, marketers and third-party contributors – while protecting your intellectual property
  • Feed customer insight back into development and iteration of materials, making your marketing more tailored and responsive
  • Make automated, multi-channel parallel publishing a reality 
  • Trial new content marketing approaches in an agile, low risk, ‘fail fast’ way
  • Eliminate repurchasing and lost or undiscoverable assets
  • Guard against accidental release of unapproved materials

Date Published : 08th of February 2016