With cost, regulatory and time to market pressures increasing all the time, the need to automate and control content and publishing processes is essential. Digital workflows control, track, audit and speed Work in Progress, and the integration of new and innovative tools can dramatically improve user efficiency and effectiveness, allowing them to focus them on value-added tasks rather than routine.

IMG_8901Ixxus is an expert in workflow, and authoring, editorial and work in progress. We use Alfresco’s powerful workflow engine (Activiti), integrated with a number of proprietary tools, to deliver solutions to such organizations as Press Association, Fox Broadcasting and the National Health Service.  Our technologies are helping organizations to minimize operational complexity and empower each role within the publishing chain to more easily achieve their goals.

Streamline processes and improve efficiencies

Investing wisely in technology that can underpin the progression of content from author to consumer ensures efficiency by automating or mechanizing many functions within the publishing process.

Cut costs and speed time to market

Automating workflows enables shorter, more efficient proofing and review cycles, allowing you to gain time and cost efficiencies and ultimately speed time to market.

Integrated annotation, collaboration and content curation

We offer a host of advanced tools which can be incorporated as part of your digital workflow, including:

Digital Media Annotator
Ixxus Digital Media Annotator

Our  interactive online tool offers real-time annotation and collaboration. Allowing users to mark-up video, audio, image, PDF and word files in real-time, visible to the rest of the team, it also offers mobile and tablet compatibility for on-the-go collaborative editing.

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Ixxus CollectionsIxxus Collections

Our Collections module is a publishing interface that simplifies the ordering, collation, curation and assembly of groups of content assets. An easy and collaborative way to maneuver pieces of content into the order and structure of choice and transform it into a final product.

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Ixxus FlatPlanFlatPlan

FlatPlan works in conjunction with Collections to provide work-in-progress views of multi-page spread layouts and designs. Easily preview and edit what your final product will look like with drag-and-drop functionality, giving you powerful editorial collaboration capability.

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Ixxus Design HubIDH

The Ixxus Design Hub plugs directly into Adobe InDesigh to easily and automatically convert books and publications into fixed-layout EPUBs, PDFs, and HTML files. Working with the rich-media potential of EPUB3, IDH allows you to include such interactive features as pop-up messages, video clips, or custom Javascript-based widgets.

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Multiple output, multiple format publishing

Conversion of media assets can be automated and regulated, making parallel, multi-channel and multi-format publishing into a reality. Content can be automatically transformed into multiple output formats (e.g. EPUB3, PDF, HTML), and progressed quickly through approval processes through to consumption.

Work more collaboratively

By integrating familiar production tools which are already being used (e.g. Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign) into intuitive workflow and editorial systems, you can ensure that your team is as agile as your content.

Increase auditing and quality assurance

Automated approval processes make it simple for each step in content production to be reviewed and signed off, facilitating quality control and rights management.


“What appealed to me about Ixxus was the fact that they had industry-specific knowledge: they understood the publishing process and the challenges that modern publishers face going through their transformations.”
Ernst Kallus, Director for Product Transformation, Pearson

“Ixxus have shown themselves to be knowledgeable, flexible and helpful. With collaborators across the world, we have a real need for effective work solutions. Thanks to their excellent service, we have a work tool which will make a valuable contribution to meeting our goals.”
Ian Wright, Development Director, WWARN

“We chose Alfresco as our future strategic content platform to drive out efficiencies, open up new opportunities and allow us to fully leverage our investment in content. Ixxus was selected to help us because of their extensive global publishing expertise on the Alfresco platform.”
Doug Mealing, Chief Architect, Cengage Learning