Rights Management

Each year millions are spent on acquiring and utilizing assets – images, multimedia or text – which each have specific associated copyright, rights and permissions associated. Keeping track of these rights and permissions is an escalating problem, particularly for large organizations working in multiple geographies and juggling complex content models, multiple outputs and media types.

Digital rights management is a huge issue for both content creators – who wish to keep close control on how and where their intellectual property is being used – and content users, who wish to track how and where they are using copyrighted assets.

Control your intellectual property

Our content platforms facilitate digital asset management and rights management across all content, allowing you to keep control of all of your intellectual property and ensure compliance with regulations and contracts. Assets can be flagged and filtered according to rights clearance status, while our powerful content linking capabilities give you the tools to track how, where and how many times each asset is used.

Support multiple use-cases

By using Alfresco alongside integrated technologies and standards, our solutions allow publishers and information managers to manage the rights and permissions of assets through the complete content lifecycle. Alfresco’s built-in content model is compliant with ODRL standards, and combines powerful content and editorial workflow and approval processes.

Alfresco enables:


Multiple file formats

When content is being stored and accessed in a granular format, rights are freed of their monolithic containers and can become any product in any channel. The integrated DRM capabilities of our publishing solutions allow use of multiple file formats, allowing production teams to mix and match formats with flexibility and without degradation of security.

Security and access control

Our solutions can easily incorporate different levels of security and access, allowing internal project managers to share limited content with external freelancers working in a globally dispersed manner without exposing the entire assets library. This centralized control allows the company to maintain better regulation of assets, as well as giving a high-level view of who is able to access what and when. Our solutions allow Administrators can quickly set up multiple secure team workspace environments with full control over permissions. controlling access rights between and within the various collaborative project groups.

Enterprise level security

We deliver enterprise-level security and compliance, while still maintaining the simplicity and ease of access your users need. Encrypted data storage protects content stored for offline use and prevents unauthorized access.


“KYC and the Ixxus report management solution together have revolutionised the data gathering process for RBI.”
Matt Bye, Head of Architecture, Reed Business Information

“What appealed to me about Ixxus was the fact that they had industry-specific knowledge; they understood the publishing process and the challenges that modern publishers face going through their transformations.”
Ernst Kallus, Director for Product Transformation, Pearson

“We chose Alfresco as our future strategic content platform to drive out inefficiencies.”
Doug Mealing, Chief Architect, Cengage Learning