Ixxus Publishing Platform

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Ixxus Publishing Platform (IPP) delivers a suite of authoring, enrichment, discovery, reuse and delivery capabilities designed to address current and future content development and management challenges – all in a cost-effective, rapidly-deployable solution.

IPP goes further than conventional content management systems, delivering advanced capabilities traditionally only available to major global publishers. This helps drive your organization’s digital transformation initiatives. 


IPP helps you and your team work more flexibly and efficiently, speed time-to-market, and create new revenue opportunities, all while improving profitability. With IPP, you get the tools you need to develop and manage “smart” content and thrive in a competitive marketplace.


IPP gives you the tools to search, discover, surface and reuse content at a granular level, giving you a solution across the entire content lifecycle.

Content Production

Optional Module

Content Kanban – This module adds visualization and interactivity to the content development task tracking capabilities within IPP using a Kanban-based dashboard. Content Kanban gives you a big picture view of every project so you can effectively track and manage tasks from start to finish.



Content Agility