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Taxonixx is a light-weight auto-tagging application which intelligently analyzes and matches the contents of your documents to selected taxonomies.

For content editors, creating and maintaining accurate metadata can represent a high overhead. As well as being time-consuming and inefficient, manual tagging is open to human error and inconsistencies, which can degrade the quality of your content.

Well-structured and maintained metadata is critical to deriving value from information, and transforming static content into “smart content” which is accessible, discoverable and reusable.

Taxonixx is a competitively-priced yet robust solution built upon MarkLogic, which analyzes and weighs words and phrases within a document by semantic importance and context in order to extrapolate concepts as tags.

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Consistent Metadata
Auto-tagging documents using a controlled taxonomy ensures that keyword structure and spelling remains constant and accurate across your environment. Machine-assisted categorization helps filter out human bias, giving a consistent view of data and minimizing risk of semantic pollution.    

Efficient Editorial Processes
Intelligent semantic scoring filters out irrelevant keywords, while allowing human intervention for ambiguous tags. By integrating Taxonixx into an editorial workflow, you can minimize the overhead of maintaining taxonomy rules, freeing up editorial to focus on creating great content.

Multi-format coverage
Taxonixx can handle over 200 file types, processing your content’s associated metadata and enabling you to categorize it quickly and effectively.

Intuitive and unambiguous
By leveraging Boolean operators, phrase or proximity matching, and disambiguation tools, Taxonixx delivers categorization to high levels of precision.

Multiple taxonomies
Taxonixx supports multiple polyhierarchical taxonomies. By selecting and intersecting taxonomies, you can build a rich and nuanced view of your world.

Customizable Categorization
Taxonixx can be precisely tailored to your categorization needs. Set up hot zones in documents, tailor scoring based on document length, and specify weighting for specific terms of types of content.