Digital Asset Management

The size and complexity of digital assets are growing and the need for more storage and real-time accessibility is now paramount; latest versions, rights management and permissions are integral to being an agile organization that can respond quickly to new opportunities.

FlatPlanIxxus has built global digital asset management repositories for organizations such as Dorling Kindersley and Cengage Learning.

Centralized, scalable platform

A powerful content store gives you the tools you need to keep all of those business-critical digital assets in hand – whether they be images, documents, videos, page spreads, etc. Managing your assets centrally in an accessible unified content repository is key to maximizing their value, as well as making day-to-day working much more productive and cost-effective.

Partnering with Alfresco and MarkLogic since 2007

We use Alfresco and MarkLogic as our core digital asset management technologies, coupled with other established tools (including Drupal, MongoDB, Solr/ElasticSearch and RDF triples) to create robust and reliable unified repositories for controlling digital assets. By extending industry-leading open source ECM, Alfresco, we provide a powerful management solution for organizations who are serious about protecting their brands, controlling the costs of creating and distributing content, and maximizing the value of their digital assets.

Our DAM solutions can help you:

Work more efficiently

With everything in one place, searching, organization, collaboration and distribution of content becomes far easier and more efficient. With integrated workflow and approval processes, it’s easy to keep on top of what’s happening, improving traceability and accuracy.

DK screenshot

One source of truth

With a background of successful development and deployment of global Digital Asset Management platforms for leading companies, we are perfectly placed to create a customised DAM solution that reflects your needs. Platforms can be integrated with existing software to remove inconsistencies and eliminate data silos.

Scalable Big Data stores

We deliver award-winning Big Data solutions which effectively leverage unstructured information to creative competitive advantage, streamlining operations and providing our clients with secure, scalable data stores.

Data migration and de-duplication

We have a wealth of experience in managing the migration of legacy content into new platforms, alongside integrated deduplication modules to simplify storage and retrieval and maximize asset accuracy and consistency.

Rich media

Content is no longer just simple words and pictures: digital assets have expanded to include video, audio, PDF and a multitude of other rich media functionality. Our powerful solutions allow you to manage and collaborate on all of your assets within one unified, centralized system.

Make sure you can find it when you need it

Incorporating powerful search and discovery tools into your content store is an essential part of ensuring you derive full value from your assets. By ensuring assets can be found, filtered and workflowed, and enabling context-based discovery and suggestions, you will be able to work more efficiently and better serve both your internal production team and end-consumers.

Award-winning search & discovery

We have a strong pedigree in the world of enterprise search. Our award-winning faceted search & discovery capabilities have improved content discoverability for publishers such as Pearson, Dorling Kindersley and Press Association. We work with Solr and ElasticSearch for huge-scale distributed indexing of big content archives and federated repositories.

Recombine assets to create new product

In order to maximize the lifetime value of your digital content assets, agility needs to be built in from the very beginning. That means embedding agile, digital thinking in everything that you do.

Rather than focussing on end-product, agile content instead thinks of content as DNA: dynamic building-blocks which can be recycled, recombined and repurposed. One content asset can go on to become part of a webpage, an interactive app, an insight and data service, a dedicated research platform, a personalized news feed, an eBook: it is this reuse that is key to getting the maximum value from your digital assets

Keep track of content use

With everything in the same place, it becomes much easier to keep control of your intellectual property, streamline and control your rights management processes, and analyze which assets are being used where, how, and why.


“The Ixxus implementation of Alfresco has enabled the organization to take a major step forward in improving access to information from anywhere, at any time and from any device.”
David Southern, Director of ICT, WWF-UK

“We chose Alfresco as our future strategic content platform to drive out inefficiencies, open up new opportunities and allow us to fully leverage our investment in content. Ixxus was selected to help us because of their extensive global publishing expertise on the Alfresco platform.”
Doug Mealing, Chief Architect, Cengage Learning

“We selected Ixxus for two key reasons: one, Alfresco expertise, and second, MarkLogic expertise.”
Matt Bye, Head of Architecture, RBI

“Ixxus were chosen for their expertise in Alfresco, their experience with content and document management, and their ability to work in partnership with our internal team.”
Tony Higgins, Associate Director, University of Westminster