Data insight

With the dynamic nature of content lifecycles, it is becoming increasingly important to understand how your content is working for you and develop effective ways to make it work harder. By using technologies which allow powerful insight into your data and how it’s being used, you can intelligently guide your future strategy. Ixxus Case StudyConnect the right content with the right audience

We have successfully delivered projects with massive scale content repositories, publishing content to non-relational data-stores for analysis. Analysing your user data gives you the means to provide intelligence-led recommendations, ensuring that you connect the right content with the right audiences and provide targeted, effective services.

Discover new audiences

As well as tailoring content to your existing audiences, analysis of user data can tell you how people interact with and move around your content – giving you the insight you need to discover and engage new audiences.

Make intelligent decisions about your content

Our use of semantic technologies gives context to your content, making it more meaningful and more discoverable. Understanding how your items of content link together and relate to each other is key to making intelligent decisions about your content strategy, and opening up new sources of revenue.

Serve internal users and external consumers

By ensuring that your content is structured and semantically tagged, it not only becomes more discoverable (serving both internal users and external consumers), but also develops powerful associability. This means it can be resurfaced where it’s most relevant (for example, in a personalized data feed, or as recommended content), or linked to other pre-existing data-sets to create brand new content services.

Relevancy-driven content

We use intelligent Search & Discovery technologies such as machine-learning, entity extraction and linked data to serve users with results that are as relevant as possible, as well as enabling tailored suggestions about what they might have been looking for or other things they may be interested in.

We specialize in combining MarkLogic’s enterprise NoSQL database with semantic web and NLP technologies (XQuery, SPARQL, RDF triple-stores, Linked Online Data) and enterprise search technologies (Solr, ElasticSearch).


“The Cengage Content Management System (CCMS) brought together a strong and talented team of internal experts and key Ixxus partners to deliver a world-class solution in less than six months. The CCMS platform will serve as the springboard for a suite of content creation, management, workflow, and enrichment functions that will increasingly support Cengage Learning’s publishing strategy and operations.”
Andrea Kudzia, Executive Director of Digital Data Management Services, Cengage Learning

“They understood the publishing process and the challenges that modern publishers face going through their transformations.”
Ernst Kallus, Director for Product Transformation, Pearson

“Our partnership with Ixxus supports a strategic part of our business and we are very pleased to be working with a top-notch group of experts in developing information management solutions.”
Gary Bloom, CEO, MarkLogic