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The role of the Publisher is evolving beyond all recognition. Some might not even think of themselves as “publishers” anymore, preferring to focus upon their mission statement: be it furthering knowledge, delivering learning, entertaining consumers or providing information services.

stock-6Reinventing content for the digital age

Ixxus is a leading global provider of publishing solutions that reinvent the way organizations work with content to drive new revenues and enhance market agility. 

With roots in both traditional and digital publishing, we deliver award-winning, collaborative solutions that accelerate digital transformation and create competitive advantage.

Trusted by the world’s largest publishers

Businesses are being disrupted by changing user expectations, new competitors and technologies that could never have been envisaged a decade ago. Success now depends upon meeting challenges head on and seeking ways to work more flexibly and efficiently, speed time-to-market and create new revenue opportunities.

Partnering with some of the world’s largest publishers, including Pearson, Penguin Random House, Wiley and Cengage Learning, we are uniquely positioned to provide a real-world view and strategic insight.


Specialist publishing modules and technology

The Ixxus Publishing Modules (IPM) are a set of innovative, deployment-ready software components which can be integrated into our publishing solutions. Designed to enable publishers to successfully manage digital transformation, these tried-and-tested components reduce cost, risk and time-to-market, and are fully supported by Ixxus’ global team.

FlatPlan Digital Media Annotator Ixxus Collections

Improve speed-to-market and discover new revenue streams

Our platforms allow publishers to meet challenges head on by providing ways to work more flexibly and efficiently, speed time-to-market and create new revenue opportunities.

Streamline production and speed time-to-market

By collaborating on digital flatplans and layouts in real-time, automating product preparation where possible, and enabling parallel and multi-format publishing, product creation is streamlined and speed-to-market enhanced.

By providing intuitive tools for collaborative working – built into familiar tools which are already being used (e.g. Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign), you can ensure that your team is as agile as your content.


Make your content more dynamic

Giving your content agility means moving away from seeing it as something static and linear, like a book or product, and instead approaching it as something dynamic and flexible which can be enriched and enhanced to create multiple outputs.

Content agility means being able to manipulate and deliver content in any way and to meet any opportunity; maximizing revenues, quickening time to market and empowering your consumers.

DK screenshotMaximize the value of every asset

We live in an increasingly rich media age, where content has expanded to include video, audio, interactive apps and a host of other formats. Ensuring that content is managed and manipulated within a scalable, accessible, centralized platform is critical to maximizing its value.

Powerful search and discovery across all content

By ensuring your assets can be found, filtered and reused, you will be able to work more efficiently and better serve both your internal production team and end-consumers.

Automating workflows to drive efficiency

Automating workflows enables shorter, more efficient proofing and review cycles, allowing you to gain time and cost efficiencies and ultimately speeding time to market.

Engage and build your audience

Investing in innovative content solutions means you can serve your existing users or readers better, create enticing new services that will engage new audiences, and use user analytics to plan better for the future.

Content and consumer analysis

Structuring and enriching your content makes it easier to analyze how consumers are interacting with your content, helping you make intelligent decisions about your future strategy.

This powerful content insight provides a window into new opportunities, as well as a deeper understanding of how to better serve existing customers.


“What appealed to me about Ixxus was the fact that they had industry-specific knowledge; they understood the publishing process and the challenges that modern publishers face going through their transformations.”
Ernst Kallus, Director for Product Transformation, Pearson

“The Cengage Content Management System (CCMS) brought together a strong and talented team of internal experts and key Ixxus partners to deliver a world-class solution in less than six months.”
Andrea Kudzia, Executive Director of Digital Data Management Services, Cengage

“Ixxus are helping us in that transitional stage and have been able to offer great expertise in change management and transformation projects.”
Russell Watts, Project Manager, Dorling Kindersley

“We chose Alfresco as our future strategic content platform to drive out inefficiencies, open up new opportunities and allow us to fully leverage our investment in content. Ixxus was selected to help us because of their extensive global publishing expertise on the Alfresco platform.”
Doug Mealing, Chief Architect, Cengage Learning

“Ixxus were a great partner to work with, and really showed us the true capabilities of open source software.”
Ian Cavey, Business Systems Operations Director, Taylor & Francis

“We selected Ixxus for two key reasons: one, Alfresco expertise, and second, MarkLogic expertise.”
Matt Bye, Head of Architecture, Reed Business Information

“As one of Alfresco’s earliest partners, Ixxus has built a strong Alfresco-based offering for publishing and media that has attracted world-class customers. We are excited to continue the collaboration with Ixxus as they expand their global footprint.”
Doug Dennerline, CEO, Alfresco

“Ixxus was selected as DODS’ chosen systems integrator and technology partner as it was felt that there was an obvious cultural fit, and that Ixxus clearly understood DODS’ needs.”
Simon Thompson, Managing Director, DODS

“Ixxus has ensured that this resource, highly valued by our core audience, will be able to go on improving physics lessons across the UK and Ireland for years to come.”
Jon Clarke, Web 2.0 Publishers, Institute of Physics Publishing

Whether you are looking for a solution for digital asset management, product store, web content management, digital transformation services, workflow consistency and auditing or rights management, Ixxus can deliver an efficient, engaging content platform.