Not for Profit

Oxford Press Ixxus Case StudyMajor cutbacks in public funding mean that Not for Profit organizations face huge challenges borne out of the current ongoing period of austerity.  With increased competition for grant funding and the expectation that service delivery is maintained, charities are under huge pressure to work more efficiently and cost-effectively.

We are experienced in navigating the challenges of budget, and our open source credentials guarantee a cost-effective solution which can save you money both in the immediate and long term.

Trusted by the largest charities

We have a proven background in working with major Not for Profit organizations such as Amnesty International, WWF-UK and Virgin Money Giving


Engage your community and attract new members

Investing in innovative content solutions means that not only can you serve your existing members better, you can also create enticing new content services that will engage with new audiences and drive membership growth and donations.

Streamline content creation

Gaining efficiencies by automating or mechanizing functions within the workflow process allows you to explore functionality such as parallel publishing of content to multiple streams and formats, getting your word out better and making sure that you are where the audience is.

Drive cost-efficiency with open source

Open source software can deliver short and long-term cost savings without compromising functionality, as well as giving organisations autonomy over their information and freedom from costly vendor lock-in.  We leverage open source wherever possible, and are proud to be included in the official Cabinet/Home Office White Paper list of Open Source Options 1.0.

Award-winning community projects

Our Virgin Money Giving platform won us awards in the BCS & Computing IT Industry Awards under the Community Project of the Year category. Virgin Money Giving’s CTO praised Ixxus, describing the system as “game-changing”.

Low risk, low cost strategies

We have an agile, iterative approach to projects, allowing us to provide proof-of-concepts and thoroughly de-risked strategies. This ensures that costs are kept to a minimum and key stakeholders are involved throughout the project process.

Regulatory compliance

Many established charities and organisations have seen dramatic change over the last decade to ensure compliance with increasing rules and regulations.  Our solutions easily integrate workflow processes and rights management, improving ease of regulatory compliance.

What our Not for Profit clients are saying about Ixxus:

“They have been great people to work with – experienced and professional, but with a passion and a can-do attitude. They, like us, believe in the potential of our new venture to change the nature of charitable giving and have invested a great deal of their time pro bono to ensure we launched with a game-changing system.”
Kevin Revell, Group CTO, Virgin Money Giving

“The Ixxus implementation of Alfresco has enabled the organization to take a major step forward in improving access to information from anywhere, at any time and from any device.”
David Southern, Director of ICT, WWF-UK

“Ixxus have shown themselves to be knowledgeable, flexible and helpful. Thanks to their excellent service, we have a work tool which will make a valuable contribution to meeting our goals.”
Ian Wright, Development Director, WWARN

“Usage of the new TalkPhysics is fantastic. The number of visits, posts and new registrations per week are all higher than the average for last year. Every way I can think of to look at it, TalkPhysics is doing precisely the job we were aiming for. Relaunching the site has vastly improved functionality and user experience, as well as giving administrators far more control over site maintenance. This ensures that this resource, highly valued by our core audience, will be able to go on improving physics lessons across the UK and Ireland for years to come.”
Jon Clarke, Web 2.0 Publisher, Institute of Physics

“With the launch of our new document management system, UCA staff can finally work together no matter where they are and no matter what device they use, sharing ideas and collaborating in a better way. It was like going from riding a bicycle to driving a Ferrari.”
Hilary Sellars, Head of IT Services, University of Creative Arts

“They are incredibly welcoming: often when you’re working with technology firms it’s almost like you need a translator. Ixxus is not like that; you have people who have real charisma alongside their clear competence.”
Vincent Cassidy, Commercial Director, BSI