shutterstock_224857171In order to compete successfully, manufacturers need to increase overall efficiency and reduce costs wherever possible. There is an ongoing pressure to increase speed of production, improve collaboration, streamline operations and enforce quality and regulatory standards.

Enterprise content management for manufacturers

Ixxus has a strong background of working with manufacturers such as the British Polythene Industry (the largest plastic film manufacturer in Europe), GerberEmig (the largest fruit juice manufacturer in Europe) and Arcadia Petroleum, helping them to streamline business processes by creating and integrating portals, intranets, enterprise search and content management systems.


Controlling your supply chain

Our solutions include supplier portals, logistics platforms, finance department systems,and new customer and supplier management tools. We help manufacturers streamline internal operations and their supplier management functions, driving efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

Managing your sales and marketing assets

The complexity and size of sales and marketing information is increasing, with the growth of video and multi-device access requirements. From a customer point of view, demand is consistently rising for real-time, relevant information available on any device.

The only way to square this circle is to invest in a centralized digital asset management and content publishing system. The power of being able to rapidly compile sales and marketing materials in a collaborative editorial system, to find and re-use existing materials that have up to date approvals and then ‘author once/publish anywhere’, is our core expertise.

Supporting quality control and regulatory compliance

Compliance and quality assurance are never ending journeys for manufacturers. New regulations require on-demand, aggregated access to structured and unstructured data. Our powerful content management, Big Data and scalable search tools enable organisations to dramatically change information control, speed and certainty.

Collaborative diagram and media annotation

Our Digital Media Annotator (DMA) allows production, design and marketing teams in different locations and geographies to work together by viewing, annotating and commenting on shared assets (such as diagrams, schematics, reports and documentation, images, videos and other media)  in real-time.

Digital Media Annotator - ship

Improving productivity for multi-location teamrs

We have improved efficiencies for our clients by automating workflow processes and empowered them to manage content more closely to avoid data losses and regulatory misdemeanors.

Improve efficiency and productivity

As part of the supply chain, manufacturing organizations often have to contend with multiple offices in multiple time-zones and geographies. Our solutions prioritize efficient and multi-locational working by combining integrated workflows, innovative media annotation tools, and multi-device compatibility.

Document capture and scanning tools

For many organizations, the most critical corporate documents are associated with “back office” corporate functions, and will often be in a physical format. This content needs to be stored securely and accessibly, integrated into business processes and business applications. We have integrated cloud-ready document capture solutions into our content platforms, ensuring that physical and digital documents can be stored in the same space.

What Manufacturing and Industry clients are saying about Ixxus:

“We hope to keep a good and long relationship with Ixxus, and are looking forward towards new and exciting upgrades in the future.”
Oeyvind Vallestad, Project Coordinator, Aker Oilfield Solutions

“Ixxus have been a key resource for us….always understanding our needs and often bringing something new to the table which we had not previously considered.”
Simon Coppen-Gardner, IT Manager, Arcadia Petroleum

“Ixxus know their subjects; they came in with no fuss, scoped the work, and then delivered it on time and on budget. They are a pleasure to work with.”
Julian Starling, CIO, GerberEmig Group

“They are incredibly welcoming; often when you’re working with technology firms it’s almost like you need a translator. Ixxus is not like that; you have people who have real charisma alongside their clear competence.”
Vincent Cassidy, Commercial Director, British Standards Institute