In the current climate of austerity, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability are key issues facing governmental and public sector organizations. Governments across the world are embracing open standards and discovering the power of open source software.

Open source software can deliver short and long-term cost savings without compromising functionality, as well as giving organisations autonomy over their information and freedom from costly vendor lock-in.  We leverage open source wherever possible, and are proud to be included in the official Cabinet/Home Office White Paper list of Open Source Options 1.0 (PDF).

Approved G Cloud Supplier

HM Government Approved

Ixxus is a certified supplier on G Cloud 5, the UK Government’s procurement framework for specialist cloud-based IT services. G Cloud 5 provides public sector buyers with a catalogue of approved vendors offering cloud-based services such as web hosting, site analytic or document collaboration tools.

Proven track-record

With a proven track record of delivering successful solutions for public and government organizations, we have a deep understanding of the challenges facing the sector. Ixxus has worked with a number of high-profile clients, including the Ministry of Defence, Land Registry and the NHS, and working through such partners as Lockheed Martin, CGI and Mouchel.



Cost-effective content management

Our innovative approach to content management, information distribution and publishing processes focuses on helping government and public bodies deliver and maintain information services effectively, whilst concurrently reducing costs and navigating budgetary challenges.

Delivering High Security Projects

As the largest Alfresco reseller with the highest number of on-shore consultants, Ixxus is renowned for being a trustworthy and reliable technology partner. We have worked on confidential, high-security projects requiring thorough vetting of participant, and partner with trusted government vendors.

Content Encryption in the Cloud

For extra assurance and security during cloud projects, Ixxus has extended the Alfresco-Amazon S3 Connector to support Server-Side Encryption and contribute the changes back up-stream. The solution complies with OWASP cryptographic storage protocols.

Our content management solution of choice is Alfresco, an open source alternative to proprietary enterprise content management solutions.  Forrester’s 2012 independent study of the total economic impact of Alfresco concluded that Alfresco ECM pays for itself within 10 months, “with estimated savings of more than $1.3 million over three years”, making it a low-risk strategy.

Regulatory Compliance

Governments are increasingly finding themselves under closer scrutiny, with the internet, social media and citizen journalism all compounding the need for transparency and accountability within government.  This makes compliance with rules and regulations paramount. Workflow processes and rights-management are integrated into our solutions, improving compliance, record-keeping and accountability.

What our Government customers are saying about Ixxus:

“Lockheed Martin UK places a high value on its partnership with Small Medium Enterprises such as Ixxus within our Vendor Market Place. They are a valuable part of our supply chain ensuring that we can provide our customers with a rich capability from across Industry. Ixxus stood out as one of the market leaders in this particular area.”
Paul Weatherly, Managing Director, Lockheed Martin UK

“When it comes to both proactive and reactive support, Ixxus’ services have been exemplary. Any issues arising were solved quickly and with minimal interruption to services, and whenever we have required extra capacity bursts the process has been smooth.”
Carl Poulton, Head of IT & Technology, OFWAT

“Ixxus delivered to budget and to the planned timetable.”
Frank Rankin, Project Manager, NHS Education for Scotland