Since the 2009 crisis, the financial services industry has been in a rapid state of change, driven by political, legal and social pressure. Regulation and market pressures are driving the need for tighter business controls, efficiencies and a greater focus on customer.

Reed Ixxus Case StudyWorking as efficiently, securely and cost-effectively as possible is paramount for financial services organizations.

Ixxus has a proven track record of working with financial services organizations, including BankersAccuity (a subsidiary of Reed Business Information), Morgan Stanley and BNP Paribas: streamlining content workflows, increasing efficiencies and allowing clients to harness the power of their information.



Finance Organizations as Publishers…

The finance sector is one of the largest publishers of content in the world, with heavy levels of reports and documentation being produced every day. Reports are often time-pressured, commercially-sensitive and required to be delivered in multiple formats.  Despite the business-critical nature of these reports and documentation, many financial organizations lack the content workflows, auditability and distribution functionality needed to effectively manage and disseminate their data.

Maximizing the value of your Research Teams

With increasing regulations and cost pressures, research departments are finding themselves faced with having to provide more research, faster, in order to drive profits. Agile and cost-effective content authoring, search, management and delivery is an essential part of efficiently delivering this research.

The increasingly complicated and integrated nature of financial markets means that core research can be re-used in many areas but needs tighter control to ensure relevancy and compliance. Our publishing solutions allow analysts to find and re-use materials, rapidly create reports and publish information simultaneously on multiple devices within an approved system and process. Collaboration, version control and audit tracking are integrated into our solutions. Enhanced productivity, better user experience and rapid time to market – all within a controlled environment – is what we provide.

Managing Your Sales and Marketing Assets

The complexity and size of digital assets is increasing, as is the external regulation and resulting need for tighter internal controls. From a customer point of view, on the other hand, demand is consistently rising for real-time, relevant information available on any device.

The only way to square this circle is to build a central digital asset management and content publishing system. The power to rapidly compile sales and marketing materials in a collaborative editorial system, to find and re-use existing materials that have up to date rights clearance and then author once/publish anywhere, is our core expertise.

Supporting Regulatory Compliance and KYC

New regulations are requiring on-demand, aggregated access to structured and unstructured data, moving beyond predictable periodic reports. Our powerful content management, big data and scalable search tools enable organisations to dramatically change information control, speed and certainty.

Maximizing Information Value

In order to maximize the value of your information, content agility needs to be built in from the very beginning. That means embedding flexible, digital thinking into the way that you create, manage and distribute your information, so that it can easily be recycled, recombined and repurposed. The same information can then go on to become part of multiple documents, whether reports, insight and data services, , sales and marketing materials or regulatory compliance documentation.

Multi-format, Multi-purpose, Multi-Use

Much of the documentation produced by financial services organizations requires authoring in multiple languages and multiple formats, and distributing to range of consumer bases and across a range of geographies. Our expertise in content creation, transformation and dissemination has seen us deliver solutions and platforms which incorporate multiple formats and outputs, are accessible globally and on any device.

Scalable and Reliable

The challenges and demands of today’s financial services organizations require dependable and trustworthy document management and content publishing capabilities. Ixxus works with proven, enterprise-scale content technologies such as Alfresco and MarkLogic, building solutions which are flexible, scalable and reliable.

Security, Control and Compliance

In an industry as tightly controlled as the financial sector, regulatory compliance is of the utmost importance if organisations are going to carry out business safely and securely. Ensuring that due diligence reports are obtained and kept up to date must be a major aspect of any financial institution’s risk management strategy.

Our content management solutions can provide enable secure and strong internal controls to maintain the privacy, auditability and retention of records. Closer management and control of content can mitigate risks and increase regulatory compliance, at the same time as improving efficiencies and collaboration within your organization.


KnowYourCustomer and the Ixxus report management solution together have revolutionised the data gathering process for Reed Business Information.”
– Matt Bye, Head of Architecture, Reed Business Information


Whether your organization is looking for a solution in Research, Sales and Marketing, Regulatory Compliance or general content management, Big Data or search, Ixxus can provide strategic advice, architectural expertise and delivery certainty for your organization.