Consumer & Retail

For organizations in the retail and consumer sphere, your brand is your business. Ensuring that your product information, marketing material and consumer relationships are managed effectively becomes a business critical issue.

shutterstock_224591581Protect your brand and increase brand consistency

Ensuring that all your content and media is managed and maintained centrally in a scalable, accessible platform is critical to maximizing its value.  With “one source of truth”, integrated workflows and approval processes and document versioning history, you can keep control of your brand while making daily working more productive and efficient.

Established commercial background

We have a strong commercial background, with experience designing, building and deploying large, high volume websites and product and marketing platforms for global brands, including FOX, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy and Net-a-Porter.


Intuitive collaboration for global teams

Working together can be a challenge, especially if you’re a large organization with multiple offices in multiple time-zones. Our solutions prioritize efficient working, combining integrated workflows, innovative media collaboration and annotation tools, and multi-device compatibility.

Managing your digital assets

Ixxus has great experience in developing digital asset management solutions to help product, legal and marketing teams manage their growing and increasingly diverse range of digital assets. As markets globalize, the need for a global, easily searchable store with defined and up-to-date rights management is essential.

Engage with your consumers

Engaging the end consumer in managed and trackable user communities can enhance your relationship with your audience, as well as developing new ones via social recommendations and sharing. And the closer you are to your consumers, the easier it is to use technology to analyse how they’re engaging with your product and explore development of new products and services. We have provided powerful community portals and interactive content functionality for consumer-oriented organizations.

Digital Media AnnotatorImage and media annotation

Our Digital Media Annotator (DMA) makes the creative more collaborative, allowing marketing and design teams in different locations to work together on a particular asset or media file by annotating and marking it up in real-time.

Different consumers have different needs

For retailers targeting multiple consumer profiles in multiple geographies, there is a requirement that content be authored in multiple languages and multiple formats, and distributed across a variety of regions. We specialize in “author once: publish anywhere” solutions, incorporating powerful automation of workflow and content processes, image and format transformation, and multilingual search support.

Maximizing information value

In order to maximize the value of your content, you need to be flexible about the way that create, manage and distribute your information, allowing it to be reused, remixed and repurposed. The same content can then go on to become part of multiple documents: sales brochures, marketing materials, product libraries, internal reports and documentation, etc.  

Scalable and Reliable

The challenges and demands of today’s global consumer market require scalable, reliable product management and content publishing capabilities. Ixxus works with proven, enterprise-scale content technologies such as Alfresco and MarkLogic, building platforms which are flexible, dependable and robust.

Whether your organization is looking for a solution to power product archiving, marketing and brand asset management, digital media annotation, digital assets management or consumer content portals, Ixxus can deliver a scalable, innovative and user-friendly solution.