Apache and Lucidworks’ Solr is an open source enterprise search server written in Java and easily integratable with Alfresco. Ixxus is official partner to LucidWorks, who specialize in enhancing, optimizing, and integrating Solr.

solr-logoA business-focused solution

Solr is a business search application, built specifically with the needs and challenges of businesses, as opposed to URL and popularity-focused web search. Solr places a high emphasis on individual relevancy rather than global. It places a high priority on relevance, precision ranking, and speed.

The application is easily scalable and adaptable to different needs, and is able to grow with the businesses that use it. It does not require replacing or significantly upgrading to be able to handle larger and larger amounts of data as your company grows, and is not priced by the number of documents.

Solr experts

Ixxus has a strong pedigree in the world of enterprise search, and is UK authorised SI partner for LucidWorks. We have incorporated Solr as our enterprise search tool of choice for organizations such as Taylor & Francis and Virgin Money, vastly improving search and discovery across content.

We invest time and resources in creating trail-blazing search solutions, such as our Alfresco-Solr Faceted Search. This allows users to explore content collections by applying multiple filters to their search results. and has been adopted by Alfresco as part of their official code. Our search solutions are custom built around client needs, delivering robust and scalable platforms with powerful discoverability.