ElasticSearch is a distributed, open-source search engine based around Lucene, with a high emphasis on scalability and versatility.

stock-6ElasticSearch uses Apache’s Lucene library, giving it strong full-text search abilities. Additionally, its open source nature makes it more versatile and adaptable, able to integrate with existing systems such as Alfresco.

A distributed solution

ElasticSearch is a distributed search engine, meaning that rather than using a central server its work is distributed across several nodes. As your content library grows you can add more nodes to ElasticSearch and it will take care of the organization itself.  ElasticSearch’s clusters have the capability to reorganize and maintain themselves, making the adding and removing of nodes more painless and increasing scalability. This makes ElasticSearch highly adaptable for searching through large amounts of content as your company grows, as well as being faster and more efficient.

Real-time analytics

Elasticsearch provides real-time analytics on data and search results. This can help you not only make your business run faster and more efficiently through a robust search engine, but provide valuable insight into how it runs and how your data works.

Ixxus and ElasticSearch

Ixxus has been designing and implementing ElasticSearch solutions for many years, working with ElasticSearch for huge-scale distributed indexing of big content archives and federated repository scenarios.

We used ElasticSearch in our work with Dorling-Kindersley, who needed to consolidate an outdated content storage system into a single product archive with thousands of products. We implemented ElasticSearch with the Alfresco Web Framework to provide a metadata and full-text index to support searching within their archive products. It is now easier for them to manage and search through their data, and to allow their amount of assets to grow without having to replace or upgrade the system. We also implemented for Pearson as a global search tool across multiple territories and repositories. ElasticSearch’s open source nature and high level of scalability makes it ideal for these types of integrations.