Alfresco co-founder John Powell with Ixxus CEO Steve Odart

Alfresco co-founder John Powell with Ixxus CEO Steve Odart

Alfresco was the first and remains the leading open-source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. They were among the first companies to bring an open-source approach to ECM and remain the leading company to do so. 

A commitment to open technology

Alfresco’s commitment to open technology means that it is cost-effective, highly customizable through open source and, through open standard, accessible by a number of different means – the web, desktop, and email.

A highly scalable ECM solution

Alfresco is massively scalable, managing on average over 100 million content assets per organization. It can expand to fit the size of any business, and will be able to handle your business’ assets as it grows. It has been proven to be able to handle large amounts of content and multiple users without any performance loss.

Unique cloud-based solutions

Alfresco in the Cloud is a secure, SaaS-based version of Alfresco, allowing you to access your content from anywhere, be it a work computer, home computer, tablet or mobile device. Alfresco One is a product that consolidates Alfresco’s on-premise platform with its cloud-only one, allowing for unprecedented access to content and collaborative opportunities. Its Enterprise Sync seamlessly synchronizes content between the desktop and the cloud. 

Activiti for Workflows

Activit is Alfresco’s Java-based workflow and Business Process Management system. It is open-source and can run separately from Alfresco, in any Java application. It’s a scalable solution featuring a graphical online editor and full enterprise-level support.

Ixxus and Alfresco

We at Ixxus were one of Alfresco’s earliest partners in both the US and UK and are now one of its few global platinum partners and resellers. We have built over 150 Alfresco implementations worldwide, and have done work with such companies as Fox, Pearson, Amnesty International and Morgan Stanley

 With unrivalled Alfresco implementation experience and a first-class team of consultants, we are the largest on-shore official reseller of the Alfresco subscription across the US & UK.


MarkLogic is an enterprise-grade NoSQL database, a massive XML database and indexer that can also be used as an application server and perform XML-intensive operations. When combined with Alfresco, it becomes possible to store, manipulate, and recombinelarge amounts of data.

We have worked on many projects combining Alfresco and MarkLogic, including an award-winning solution for DODS allowing for the processing, storage, and enhancement of every bill going through the UK’s Houses of Parliament. We have also used it in our publishing platforms for the storage and calculation of rights data, as well as XML renditions of books and publications. We created systems by which, in lieu of using a single textbook, educators could arrange a number of different sections from different publications to create their own ebook for use in the classroom.


We have extensive experience with managing web content within Alfresco and delivering it to consumers via multiple channels. We have multiple patterns that we can employ to meet your specific needs.

Alfresco can integrate with Drupal, an open-source, PHP-based Web Content Management system, i.e. one built primarily for maintaining websites rather than documents. Drupal has a very strong community behind it, one that has created almost 16,000 custom modules. At Ixxus, we can integrate Alfresco with Drupal, allowing Drupal to pull content for its webpages directly from Alfresco or to host Alfresco-maintained pages on its own websites.


We have unrivalled Alfresco-Solr expertise and contributed our faceted search extension back to Alfresco, allowing global companies to let their users query from Alfresco into other repositories, or from Alfresco into legacy systems. We also work with ElasticSearch for huge-scale distributed indexing of big content archives and federated repository scenarios.

+Semantic Web

We are advocates for making content items and information more discoverable. By combining ElasticSearch with RDF triplestore capability, we enable users to search not just for content itself but for associations between content, allowing for this information to be displayed and navigated in a rich and interactive way.

Our solutions are designed to help you augment your content with rich metadata, whether manual classifications or automatic tag suggestions using NLP technology.