Without clear leadership in digital transformation, publishers are at risk of becoming part of Gartner’s predicted 70% of failures, says Ixxus

Publishers face existential challenges and many risk failing without clear leadership

March 30, 2017 – LONDON, UK – Leading global provider of publishing solutions, Ixxus, responded to the whitepaper Industry Leaders’ Perspectives on the Digital Transformation Journey in Publishing today, stating that “with growing digitalization, publishers are losing control of their value chain as the industry moves from supply-driven to demand-led. We believe that the only way to survive the future is to create an organization flexible enough to cope with the prospect of constant change. To Ixxus, this means agility across people, process and technology – but the challenges across these three core areas are such that without a clear vision and commitment from the top, many publishers will find themselves lagging in a changing industry.”

The whitepaper, which was researched and developed by Imbue Partners, LLC, asked publishing executives to score their current capabilities and planned future investments in five main elements of digital transformation: content storage, metadata, content agility, discoverability and collaboration. Cultural change was cited as a major barrier to digital transformation for publishing organizations. The full report is available for download.

The Ixxus response, which can be read in full here, highlights organizational agility and change leadership as the deciding factors in whether a digital transformation initiative will be successful, and cautions against trying to envisage exactly what the future will look like. “Publishers can spend too much time trying to second-guess what the organization of the future will look like, rather than getting on with creating an organization that is agile enough to adapt to future change,” said Paul Twelftree, Chief Innovation Officer at Ixxus.

The company has plans to release a series of articles in response to the whitepaper, focussing on each of the capabilities discussed within the report: content storage, metadata, content agility, discoverability and collaboration.

About Ixxus

Ixxus is a leading global provider of publishing solutions that reinvent the way organizations produce content to drive growth. With roots in publishing, Ixxus delivers award-winning solutions that accelerate the digital transformation journey. The company’s unique expertise in storage, search, content modeling, editorial and distribution is applicable to any enterprise focused on maximizing the value of their data. Ixxus is a subsidiary of Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), a global leader in content management, discovery and delivery solutions.

Date Published : 30th of March 2017