STM Week 2016

STMThis year’s STM Week 2016 will take place in our home city of London, and be sponsored by our parent company CCC. You can book tickets to each day’s events individually, or opt for a combined registration.

STM Digital Publishing  – Tuesday 6 December 

Continuing the successful series of Digital Publishing seminars, in 2016 the STM Association is bringing together industry-leading digital operations experts to give you an insight into some of the trickiest challenges facing us today.

Seminar Co Directors:

Innovations Seminar 2016 – Wednesday 7 December

The 2016 edition of STM’s Innovations seminar covers everything that is now hot on the web: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The program offers forward looking updates on social sharing and collaboration networks, from ResearchGate to Mendeley, from SciHub to 101 other innovations, including new data on how researchers use these. Also everything you need to know about Crime and Criminality on Internet; How they can steal 60 million in 60 seconds. And more importantly: how to protect yourself against such cybercrime. In-depth sessions will provide insight in how to better organize access to content of scholarly communication along the new standards of the 21st century. Plus a proper introduction to Blockchain; is it as promising as experts say?

Publishing in a larger world, or is it a smaller one? – Thursday 8 December

As the world becomes smaller through the power of the internet, our own worlds must become larger to meet it. We must acknowledge and explore the challenges that both globalisation and new paradigms in scholarly communication present, as we search for ways to make new models sustainable in various markets. In this seminar a range of topics will be explored, including:

  • The effect of Brexit on industry, the academy and scholarly publishing
  • Global variations in attitudes to open access and open science
  • Responsible and sustainable  engagement with emerging markets
  • The new research metrics environment
  • The changing role of institutions and funders
  • The role of the scholarly communication infrastructure

Date Published : 22nd of November 2016