Step 5: Enrich

Once content is being produced, held and distributed in a granular form, enriching it is key.

Semantic enrichment is about assigning meaning to data, making it easily discoverable when needed, and relating it to other content sets or assets to develop new services. 

By annotating content with semantic mark-up and metadata, you can enrich its meaning, enhance its value and enable new use-cases and product innovation. 

Ensuring that your content is structured and semantically tagged means it not only becomes more discoverable (serving both internal users and external consumers), but also develops powerful associability. This means it can be resurfaced where it’s most relevant (for example, in a personalized data feed, or as recommended content), or linked to other pre-existing data-sets to create brand new content services. 

Semantic Expertise

We are highly experienced in integrating MarkLogic’s enterprise NoSQL database with semantic web and NLP technologies (XQuery, SPARQL, RDF triple-stores, Linked Online Data). Our expert use of linked data, taxonomy tagging and RDF triple-stores facilitated time-effiicient reporting for Press Association during the 2012 Olympic Games. 

Advanced Analytics

Structuring and enriching your content makes it easier to analyze how consumers are interacting with it, helping you make intelligent decisions about your future strategy. This powerful content insight provides a window into new opportunities, as well as a deeper understanding of how to better serve existing customers.