Step 4: Granularize

Giving your content agility means moving away from seeing it as something static and single-use, and instead approaching it as something dynamic and flexible which can be enriched and enhanced to create multiple outputs. 

This means using structured-content (typically XML or HTML) as early as possible in the production process. Once product has been separated from format and broken down into granular, reusable chunks, it is easier to store, find, scale and manage. 

Granularizing content enables: 

Multi-purpose Publishing

 Moving away from product-centric thinking does not mean that there are no end-products: rather, it means that content is endowed with the flexibility and agility to create myriad end-products. Content agility means being able to manipulate and deliver content in any way and to meet any opportunity: maximizing resources, quickening time to market and empowering your consumers. 

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