Step 3: Collaborate

FlatplanPeople work better together. Once you have made your content more discoverable and accessible, integrating functionality and tools to drive digital collaboration is key. 

Automating product preparation where possible frees your users to spend time on the specialist tasks that really matter. By providing intuitive tools for collaborative working, built into publishing workflows and integrated with familiar tools such as Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign, you can ensure that your team is as agile as your content.

Our solutions are empowering teams by allowing them to collaborate on digital flatplans and product assembly in real-time, annotate and review content and assets together no matter where they are situated across the globe, and discover and access content from any device.

Product Assembly

 We have developed platforms for intuitive and collaborative product assembly, integrating tools such as Word, Xopus, InDesign, HTML5 and RDFs to enable powerful structured authoring. 

Workflow & Editorial

Automating workflows enables shorter, more efficient proofing and review cycles, allowing you to gain time and cost efficiencies and ultimately speeding time to market.