Step 1: Store

We live in an increasingly rich media age, where content has expanded to include video, audio, PDF and a host of other formats. Ensuring that all your content is managed and maintained centrally in a scalable, accessible platform is critical to maximizing its value. 

Being able to access stored content from different locations and devices enables collaboration throughout organizations, allowing workers to be more productive. And with everything in the same place, it is easier to keep control of your intellectual property and products, streamlining rights management and making day-to-day working much more efficient. 

Content Modeling & Strategy

Your content model determines how you define, describe, disseminate and discuss your content, both inside and outside your organization. Getting the model right from the start will give you a solid foundation to efficiently and effectively ingest, manage and distribute your content. We have defined and streamlined complex content models for some of the world’s largest publishers, including Pearson, Cengage Learning and Taylor & Francis. 

Big Data

We work with proven technologies such as MarkLogic, Apache Solr and ElasticSearch for huge-scale distributed indexing of Big Data archives and federated repositories. 

Our solutions are flexible, scalable and robust; so you’ll always be able to find what you need, when you need it – no matter how big your content stores grow.