Digital Transformation


Businesses are being disrupted by changing user expectations, new competitors and technologies that could never have been envisaged a decade ago. Success now depends upon meeting challenges head on and seeking ways to work more flexibly and efficiently, speed time-to-market and create new revenue opportunities. 

Migrating to digital is not enough: a transformation of people, processes and technology is required to establish a foundation from which you have the ability to respond to new demands.  


We are your guide

To navigate your way in difficult conditions, you need an experienced guide that you know you can trust. Ixxus is a leading global provider of content solutions that reinvent the way organizations work with content to drive new revenues and enhance market agility.  We deliver award-winning, collaborative solutions that accelerate digital transformation and create competitive advantage.

Real-world insight

Partnering with some of the world’s largest content-centric organizations, including Pearson, Wiley and Cengage Learning, we are uniquely positioned to provide a real-world view and strategic insight.


Thinking Agile


Agile-Org Agile-Content

By recognizing that the only certainty is change, you can maximize your ability to respond to industry fluctuations by ensuring that your organization is able to act quickly and responsively. That means going beyond technology to drive agility across people, process and platform. In order to maximize the lifetime value of your content, agility needs to be built in from the very beginning. 

How Ixxus can help

Becoming an agile, digitally-driven organization doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a commitment to change throughout the organization, ensuring a business that is customer-led, fast-to-market and ready for the future. We work with you in mapping your digital journey, concentrating on your strategic requirements without losing sight of your final destination. 

We work alongside you to define and prioritize your journey, developing roadmaps across people, process and technology that will equip you to navigate the changing landscape of publishing.


“There’s no point in getting hung up on what the world will look like in 5-10 years. You’ve got to stay nimble and adaptable and respond on a year-by-year basis. Really it’s just adaptability and responsiveness.”
Ian Bannerman, Managing Director, Taylor & Francis

“Ixxus understood the publishing process and the challenges that modern publishers face going through their transformations.”
Ernst Kallus, Director for Product Transformation, Pearson

“Ixxus are helping us in that transitional stage and have been able to offer great expertise in change management and transformation projects.”
Russell Watts, Project Manager, DK

“The Cengage Content Management System (CCMS) brought together a strong and talented team of internal experts and key Ixxus partners to deliver a world-class solution in less than six months. The CCMS platform will serve as the springboard for a suite of content creation, management, workflow, and enrichment functions that will increasingly support Cengage Learning’s publishing strategy and operations.”
Andrea Kudzia, Executive Director of Digital Data Management Services, Cengage Learning