Case Studies

Wokingham Borough Council

Ixxus worked with Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) to architect, build, deploy and support a new system to allow members of the public to comment on public consultations online.

The Challenge

As there was no existing solution for accepting online responses to public consultations our challenge was to design and deliver an entirely new web application to meet the WBC’s needs. It was necessary for the finished solution to meet existing style and functionality guidelines, as well as providing a clear and simple user experience.

Our Approach

Ixxus set up a small team who worked with WBC to determine their requirements. We discussed the technical approach and recommended that they outsource the management of the system to ensure it would be live for their consultation deadline. We developed the system with frequent releases and feedback from the client.


A test system was made available to WBC to enable them to participate effectively in the iterative development process, providing feedback on pre-release versions of the application. Feedback and requested changes were incorporated into the system and these changes were deployed for further testing. Once the application had reached sufficient maturity, Ixxus provisioned the live server with a suitable hosting provider and configured the necessary open source software stack to support the application. We deployed and tested the application, as well as configuring essential services such as active monitoring and daily backups. We provide on-going support and management of the system.

Technologies used: Apache web server, Tomcat servlet container, MySQL database, Grails web application framework, Hibernate, Acegi, puppet (system configuration and management) and Opsview (monitoring).


WBC were able to launch the service in time for their Core Strategy Consultation, as Ixxus designed, built and delivered the application in just one month. The system proved to be stable and effective at collecting the required information from members of the public throughout the duration of the consultation.

“Their knowledge of open source technology and their agile development process meant that they were able to rapidly build and deploy this system for us in only one month and keep costs to an absolute minimum.”

Amy Turner, Planning Officer, Wokingham Borough Council

Date Published : 23rd of October 2014