New Directions In Academic Publishing

New directions in academic publishingCould academic publishing be more important than ever? There are a number of reasons why this is the case.

Firstly, scholarly publishing is an international workforce. Perfectly placed between the public and private sectors, it is a world driven by new technologies and a range of stakeholders. As a result, it embodies innovation, diversity and influence.

Secondly, we live in the smartphone age in a society that is often described as ‘dumbed down’. A prime example is perhaps the new President of the United States, a man who’s not exactly known for the refinement of his comments.

Academic publishing is made up of a broad spread of multinational corporations, university presses and professional publishers. All very different from the outside, but all facing similar challenges.

For a number of years, it has felt as though academic publishing was on the verge of a great transformation. Now, things might finally be happening. There is a real buzz about the potential of scholarly books. You just have to look at this month’s Academic Book Week, which aims to increase awareness, increase accessibility and start a conversation about academic books, or the speed at which many publishers have embraced the open access business model, to see the level of excitement and experimentation surrounding academic publishing.

And let’s not forget the rise of researchers within academic publishing. These are teams of individuals who are playing an increasingly central role in driving scientific innovation within the industry. Looking at the recent ResearchGate-gate, it’s clear that researchers are more than happy to pull the strings. The recent wave of account deletions from the ResearchGate and sites is a testament to that.

If you are interested in finding out more about the academic publishing industry, head to our forum on New Directions in Scholarly Publishing at the London Book Fair in March.

Date Published : 15th of February 2017

Steve Odart

Published by : Steve Odart

About the Author : Steve Odart is the founder of Ixxus, with 28 years experience in the publishing industry. He started life at the London College of Printing, following his grandfather into the printing industry. He spent many years working with Quark through its launch of Quark XPress, and the Quark Publishing System, before setting up a publishing division within one of the UK’s largest Sun Microsystems Resellers. He then joined Oracle, as EMEA Business Development Director – Publishing and Media, prior to founding Ixxus in 2004. Steve has an extensive knowledge of publishing past, present and future, and has worked with the majority of the largest global publishers in his career to date.