Digital And Print – An Ongoing Vision Of Union

digital and printThere’s something that the publishing industry has struggled to come to terms with: digital and print really do complement one another.

Despite all the research showing that readers are more than happy with either format – even enjoying the convenience of swapping between the two – much of the industry is still stuck with a digital OR print mindset.

It’s hard to know why this is the case, seeing as many industry professionals follow a two-fold approach to our own content consumption. I know I do…

A blog post on Digital Book World raises this point and suggests one way we could bring print and digital publishing even closer together. The author uses the example of highlighting content within publications. Once content has been highlighted on an ebook, for example, the user is then able to search and retrieve that highlighted content via a phone, tablet or other device. Accessing highlighted content in a printed book, on the other hand, requires the user having the physical book to hand.

The author’s suggestion is that perhaps in the future there will be the opportunity to take a photo of highlighted text in a printed book and upload it to the cloud so it can sit alongside highlighted passages from digital sources. This would offer greater convenience for the user and better connect the worlds of print and digital.

Obviously, a company such as Amazon, Google or Apple would be best placed to offer such a service. The content already exists in their systems, meaning identification would be relatively straight-forward. Add the option to share certain content via social media, and the user experience just got even better.

How do you see digital and print better complementing one another in the future?

Date Published : 20th of January 2017

Steve Odart

Published by : Steve Odart

About the Author : Steve Odart is the founder of Ixxus, with 28 years experience in the publishing industry. He started life at the London College of Printing, following his grandfather into the printing industry. He spent many years working with Quark through its launch of Quark XPress, and the Quark Publishing System, before setting up a publishing division within one of the UK’s largest Sun Microsystems Resellers. He then joined Oracle, as EMEA Business Development Director – Publishing and Media, prior to founding Ixxus in 2004. Steve has an extensive knowledge of publishing past, present and future, and has worked with the majority of the largest global publishers in his career to date.