4 Digital Publishing Strategies You Need In Your Life

digital publishingThe only way publishers can respond to the challenges they face is through adaptation. By adapting to the ever-changing environment, you can be smarter, quicker and more effective than your competition.

Of course, there’s more than one way in which to adapt. So, how do you know which ones to choose? An article on What’s New in Publishing has picked out the top trends for 2017 so you don’t have to.

Getting personal

The biggest lure of social media is its personalisation. It’s what makes it so addictive (and what makes Facebook a $100 billion business). Engaged audiences mean personalised experiences – offering the reader what content they want, when they want it. Personalisation extends to digital advertising as well; paid-for ads that are tailored to the user.

Going native

As the user experience comes to the fore, disruptive video or pop-up adverts are going to have to take a step back. According to research conducted by Facebook and IHS, 63% of mobile display ad spend in 2020 will be ploughed into native ads. Top tip for 2017: if an ad’s not native, marketers won’t want to pay for it.

Focusing on monetisation

The web is getting increasingly visual – the popularity of social media is testament to that. Users want content that is image- and video-heavy. Research shows that readers are most interested in images on a webpage, rather than surrounding adverts. This means that when you’re thinking about monetisation strategies, be sure to capitalise on any visual assets.

Finding programmatic partners

Programmatic will continue to be big news in 2017. According to eMarketer, programmatic ad spend in the UK increased by 37% between 2015 and 2016. And this growth will continue throughout the coming year. Make mobile programmatic a priority for 2017 as a fast-track way to reach users.

These are just four trends that will help the publishing community remain relevant, boost their digital strategies, and increase profit. What other trends would you add to the list?

Date Published : 26th of January 2017

Steve Odart

Published by : Steve Odart

About the Author : Steve Odart is the founder of Ixxus, with 28 years experience in the publishing industry. He started life at the London College of Printing, following his grandfather into the printing industry. He spent many years working with Quark through its launch of Quark XPress, and the Quark Publishing System, before setting up a publishing division within one of the UK’s largest Sun Microsystems Resellers. He then joined Oracle, as EMEA Business Development Director – Publishing and Media, prior to founding Ixxus in 2004. Steve has an extensive knowledge of publishing past, present and future, and has worked with the majority of the largest global publishers in his career to date.