3 ways to end data silos

You can’t help but be impressed by the power of data analytics. With every step forward in data science, predictive analytics and machine learning comes a new surge of opportunity.

3 ways to end data silos

Yet, while much is spoken of analytics, less is put into practice. The issue is not so much that the data is big or real-time, rather that it is enormously varied. This assortment of data types, formats and sources ends up being siloed away from other data, meaning it becomes inaccessible and isolated from processes and decision-making.

Businesses need their data to work as a strategic asset, but to do that they need to be able to get to it. When a company’s data lives in separate, non-communicating systems it’s impossible to get any real insights and value from it. What’s more, employees have extra work to share the data, meaning productivity and efficiency suffer.

According to a recent survey by consultants Capgemini, 56% of business leaders cite organizational silos as their biggest problem in making better use of big data.

An article on the Entrepreneur website suggests how companies can better manage and use their data.

Ask the right questions

It’s important for every business to regularly question the status quo – and that means finding answers to key questions. Why was the current system chosen? When was it updated? Is it benefiting the company? And how old is the data within it?

Go digital

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to digitalize your operations. Digital data is easier to analyze, cross-reference, and share, plus digital transformation saves time and money, and boosts efficiency and insights.

Create a more flexible, open and collaborative culture

When it comes to data management, the data itself is only part of the equation. The other part is the people. A workplace culture that is cooperative and collaborative means more cross-functional projects. If these initiatives are going to succeed, data needs to be shared – and that means ending data silos.

Unsiloed data is powerful, creating insights, increasing efficiency, evolving business needs, and improving the customer experience. Imagine what it could do for your business…

Date Published : 14th of November 2017

Steve Odart

Published by : Steve Odart

About the Author : Steve Odart is the founder of Ixxus, with 28 years experience in the publishing industry. He started life at the London College of Printing, following his grandfather into the printing industry. He spent many years working with Quark through its launch of Quark XPress, and the Quark Publishing System, before setting up a publishing division within one of the UK’s largest Sun Microsystems Resellers. He then joined Oracle, as EMEA Business Development Director – Publishing and Media, prior to founding Ixxus in 2004. Steve has an extensive knowledge of publishing past, present and future, and has worked with the majority of the largest global publishers in his career to date.