3 Edtech Trends To Watch

edtech trendsThis week has seen grumpiness and anticipation in equal measure. It’s also seen a longer daily commute – all because schools are back.

This means that as well as thinking about uniforms and packed lunches, it’s time to look at what’s new in edtech.  

Compared to other industries, edtech is still in its infancy meaning there is plenty of room for innovation. But this technology is also driven by investment. According to a study earlier this year by EdTechXGlobal and IBIS Capital, the industry will see a 17% growth rate from now until 2020.

So what can we expect from the edtech entrepreneurs? An article on the Huffington Post suggests three trends to watch:


Computer science is the future, and it is important that young people learn these skills. Pupils are being encouraged to become digital content creators through a combination of coding and computational thinking. For many, these skills can’t be taught too early.

Real-time learning feedback

For a long time, end-of-year tests have measured progress over the year. But, the system has always been flawed – results come too late for intervention. Today, electronic devices measure everything from heart rate to calorie intake and are being used in education too. Real-time learning feedback means teachers are able to recommend activities and changes for individual pupils as soon as the need arises.


We have known about the rise of VR and AR for some time – and now it’s entering the classroom. These platforms allow pupils to experience the most unimaginable places – from a prehistoric cave to the inner-workings of a human cell. Once learning goals are established, VR can take learners places they’ve never been before.

And with that sorted, it’s time to crack on with those packed lunches…

Date Published : 11th of September 2017

Steve Odart

Published by : Steve Odart

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