Content Management

Your content is your greatest asset: it’s what sits at the core of your business, and what makes you unique. But content is only valuable if it can be found, leveraged and controlled – which is where ensuring that you invest in an effective content management solution comes in.

Ixxus has its roots in content management. We have built over 150 content management systems globally for organizations such as Pearson, Dorling Kindersley, Fox and Morgan Stanley.

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Drive efficiency and profitability

Content management is about bringing your digital files and assets under control in a centralized store, automating business processes where possible and improving efficiency and profitability.

A powerful content management system (CMS) also avoids the misfiling, misplacement and loss of important files, which in turn increases profitability and improves knowledge-sharing.

Maximizing the value of your content

We live in an increasingly rich media age, where content has expanded to include video, audio, PDF and a host of other formats. Ensuring that all your content is managed and maintained centrally in a scalable, accessible platform is critical to maximizing its value.

Alfresco Global Platinum Partner since 2007

We have been utilizing Alfresco as our core content management platform since 2007, coupling it with additional proven technologies (including MarkLogic, Drupal, Solr/ElasticSearch and Triple Stores) to create award-winning content management solutions.

Specializing in Alfresco has allowed our consultants to cultivate a deep understanding of the product, and Alfresco’s open architecture enables us to rapidly develop solutions that fit our customers’ needs. Our unique expertise in storage, search, content modelling, editorial and distribution is applicable to all those who wish to maximize the value of their content assets.

Our content management solutions can help you:

Collaborate from any location and any device

Access to content from different locations and devices enables collaboration throughout the organization, allowing workers to be more productive, more efficient and more flexible.

Ixxus Collections
Ixxus Collections

Our Collections module is a publishing interface that simplifies the ordering, collation, curation and assembly of groups of content assets. An easy and collaborative way to maneuver pieces of content into the order and structure of choice and transform it into a final product.
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Ixxus FlatPlanFlatPlan

FlatPlan works in conjunction with Collections to provide work-in-progress views of multi-page spread layouts and designs. Easily preview and edit what your final product will look like with drag-and-drop functionality, giving you powerful editorial collaboration capability.
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Keep control of intellectual property

With everything in the same place, it’s easier to keep control of your intellectual property, streamlining rights management and making day-to-day working much more efficient.

Version control

Version control over your documents and assets eliminates the costs and mistakes associated with using the wrong file version, streamlines work and increases accuracy and auditability of content.

Content modelling

Your content model determines how you define, describe, disseminate and discuss your content, both inside and outside your organization. Getting the model right from the start will give you a solid foundation to efficiently and effectively ingest, manage and distribute your content.

We have defined and streamlined complex content models for some of the world’s largest publishers, including Pearson, Cengage Learning and Taylor & Francis.


“The Ixxus implementation of Alfresco has enabled the organization to take a major step forward in improving access to information from anywhere, at any time and from any device.”
David Southern, Director of ICT, WWF-UK

“We chose Alfresco as our future strategic content platform to drive out inefficiencies, open up new opportunities and allow us to fully leverage our investment in content. Ixxus was selected to help us because of their extensive global publishing expertise on the Alfresco platform.”
Doug Mealing, Chief Architect, Cengage Learning

“As one of Alfresco’s earliest partners, Ixxus has built a strong Alfresco-based offering for publishing and media that has attracted world-class customers. We are excited to continue the collaboration with Ixxus as they expand their global footprint.”
Doug Dennerline, CEO, Alfresco

“We selected Ixxus for two key reasons: one, Alfresco expertise, and second, MarkLogic expertise.”
Matt Bye, Head of Architecture, RBI

“Ixxus have shown themselves to be experts in Alfresco; they are pragmatic and flexible and they do what they say they are going to do.”
Vaughan Belhamine, CEO, DigitalworX Ltd (

“Ixxus were chosen for their expertise in Alfresco, their experience with content and document management, and their ability to work in partnership with our internal team.”
Tony Higgins, Associate Director, University of Westminster