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Our Approach

At Ixxus, we know that every company faces its own unique challenges. That’s why we tailor our powerful content publishing solutions specifically to your needs at every step: from initial consultancy right through to project completion.


The Ixxus Discovery Phase allows us to delve into your company ecosystem: capturing requirements, evaluating your technology stack, and understanding high-level business strategy. These are then tied back into design, architecture and project costing, resulting in a de-risked and iterative project plan.


Our team have the technical skills to tackle all parts of the technology stack, combined with the flexibility of an Agile approach. We’re expert in all the key areas that are needed to deliver a robust solution to your needs.

User Experience

We believe that creativity is the key to capturing consumer attention and staying a step ahead of competitors, and utilize tried-and-tested processes to facilitate discovery of user needs to ensure that your system fits its users.


Our expert architects all have many years of experience in their fields, and will capture and review your requirements in order to transform them into a solution architecture that’s designed around you.


We offer dedicated proactive and reactive 24/7 support for management of all Ixxus solutions, allowing you to minimize business risk whilst achieving a stable service and cost – so you know we’re always there when you need us.


Our flexible hosting options are designed to suit a variety of business needs, providing clients with industry-standard security tools and techniques which enable them to effectively protect and manage their assets.