Ixxus Publishing Platform

ipp-channelsIxxus Publishing Platform (IPP) is an end-to-end publishing solution designed to speed time-to-market, enhance business agility and drive new revenue opportunities.

By combining enterprise content management with specialist publishing tools, digital asset management, business process management and semantic technology, IPP supports and streamlines the publishing process from start to finish. With IPP, you gain a single robust, scalable and reliable platform to store all of your organization’s content – both print and digital – in one place.

IPP is much more than a content management and digital asset management platform. IPP prioritizes content agility, maximizing the lifetime value of your content by enabling content modeling, linking, and reuse. Processes and functions within IPP have been specifically built with publishers in mind, to support and enable publishing workflows and manage the full content lifecycle from end-to-end.

Success for publishers depends upon meeting challenges head on and seeking ways to work more flexibly and efficiently, speed time-to-market, and create new revenue opportunities; all while improving profitability. IPP gives you the tools you need to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

IPP delivers:

Product Planning & Assembly

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Advanced search with custom filters lets you surface content held anywhere within the asset repository, ready to be assembled into new products.

IPP enables powerful content reuse while promoting a ‘One Source of Truth’ content model by enabling the creation of reuse references within products. This gives you the ability to repurpose an asset by linking through to the original, rather than by creating a copied asset.

You can plan and assemble products using our intuitive assembly interface, which delivers simple drag-and-drop collation and sequencing of digital content assets, alongside work-in-progress previews of how the finished product will look.

formats-1024x768Content Authoring

Content is created and edited in neutral, interoperable formats such as XML and (X)HTML5.

You can author through a web-interface without leaving the platform, or check out content for offline editing and sync it back into IPP to maintain consistency.

Collaborative, Streamlined Editorial

IPP gives you the tools to efficiently and collaboratively create, review and publish content and products. Integrated, automated workflows enable shorter, more efficient proofing and review cycles. And with all assets held within one common place, you can find whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Once you have located the assets you need to build your product, you can collaborate within the platform using our intuitive product assembly interface, or author together in real-time via GoogleDocs integration. Bulk uploads and bulk edittools minimize manual work, while automated transformation makes parallel publishing into a reality.

Full Content Lifecycle

IPP supports the full content lifecycle:

Metadata Management

By ensuring assets can be found, filtered and manipulated, and by enabling context-based discovery and suggestions, you will be able to work more efficiently and better serve both your internal production team and end-consumers. The powerful discoverability enabled by metadata enrichment opens up new opportunities to reuse existing content and explore new revenue streams.


IPP simplifies metadata management by bringing everything into one place. You can edit content, tags, metadata and relationships from within one single screen, giving a holistic view of content and making editing far more efficient.

Bulk upload and editing of metadata fields is also enabled, allowing the metadata of up to 1,000 assets to be updated at one time – streamlining this potentially time-consuming process and improving content consistency.  Reports showing metadata fields can also be generated and downloaded in bulk, allowing for holistic overview of content.

Content Relationship Modeling

linktoBy prioritizing content modeling and semantic enrichment, IPP delivers real insight into your content environment while opening up the potential for powerful new data-led services.

You can easily create, view and edit relationships (or links) between content assets: for example, between original products and derivations or translations; image assets and accompanying rights; articles and authors; or advanced associations between content types (e.g. text-book module / educational level / examination board). Relationships can be surfaced in order to deliver content-in-context to any channel or medium.

And by automatically warning you about which linked content will be affected when you update a particular asset, IPP helps you to avoid broken links, orphaned assets and content without context.

IPP delivers a standard content model reflecting commonly-used fields, which is extensible by Ixxus to support your own content model and relationships. These complex semantic webs of linked assets will enable you to intelligently surface, navigate and leverage your content in new ways.

Rights Management

RightsIPP facilitates the rights, permissions and approval status of assets and records through the complete content lifecycle, allowing you to keep control of all of your intellectual property and ensure compliance with regulations and contracts.

By utilizing IPP’s unique content relationship modeling, assets can be linked at a granular level with the rights or standards governing them, allowing rights information and content to be held separately and persisted across product renditions and localizations.

IPP incorporates visual flag icons to indicate the rights status of each asset (e.g. rights cleared, reusable), allowing you to see at a glance what can be used, how, and where.

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