Ixxus Publishing Modules

The Ixxus Publishing Modules are a set of innovative, deployment-ready software components, designed to enable publishers to successfully manage digital transformation.

These tried-and-tested components reduce cost, risk and time-to-market, and are fully supported by Ixxus’ global team.

Ixxus Design HubIDH

The Ixxus Design Hub plugs directly into Adobe InDesign to easily and automatically convert books and publications into fixed-layout EPUBs, PDFs, and HTML files. Working with the rich-media potential of EPUB3, IDH allows you to include such interactive features as pop-up messages, video clips, or custom Javascript-based widgets.

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Digital Media AnnotatorIxxus Digital Media Annotator

Our  interactive online tool offers real-time annotation and collaboration. Allowing users to mark-up video, audio, image, PDF and word files in real-time, visible to the rest of the team, it also offers mobile and tablet compatibility for on-the-go collaborative editing.

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Alfresco-Inkling ConnectorIxxus Alfresco Inkling Connector

The simple and intuitive cloud-based product creation of Inkling Habitat, integrated with the powerful content storage, metadata, versioning and workflow capabilities of Alfresco enterprise content management platform.

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Taxonixx is a light-weight auto-tagging application which intelligently
analyzes and matches the contents of your documents to selected

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Ixxus CollectionsIxxus Collections

Our Collections module is a publishing interface that simplifies the ordering, collation, curation and assembly of groups of content assets. An easy and collaborative way to maneuver pieces of content into the order and structure of choice and transform it into a final product.

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Ixxus FlatPlanFlatPlan

FlatPlan works in conjunction with Collections to provide work-in-progress views of multi-page spread layouts and designs. Easily preview and edit what your final product will look like with drag-and-drop functionality, giving you powerful editorial collaboration capability.

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Ixxus Transformation ServerTransformation Server

The Ixxus Transformation Server improves Alfresco’s performance by automating the transformation of content assets into rich alternative formats. It’s a massively scalable solution to content transformation, which can often be taxing on system resources.

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