Webinar: The Future of Corporate Learning

Event Date : 10/22/2015  |   Start time : 4:30pm GMT  |   Location : Webex

Lessons learnt in Corporate Learning

The way in which workers learn, share knowledge and develop their skills has not only changed massively over the past two decades, but has also become an increasingly business-critical issue when it comes to differentiating your company and ensuring competitive advantage. Modern L&D professionals need to constantly upgrade workers’ skills – not yearly or monthly, but continuously.

Yet 66% of L&D professionals say that they are having trouble engaging employees, while 68% of workers think the volume of information they’re presented with is overwhelming and unnavigable (Deloitte, 2015).

This webinar will explore how to make your learning more personalized, engaging and dynamic, while maximizing the value of every content asset, enabling collaboration, and streamlining content production and course assembly.

Learn about the corporate learning solution that’s caught the eye of one of the world’s top 5 largest companies, and discover how to:

  • Move away from discrete courses and enable dynamic, flexible, agile learning content
  • Author, assemble, annotate and collaborate on learning materials in real-time
  • Make multi-channel publishing a reality and deliver learning wherever your workers need it
  • Deliver personalized and adaptive learning on a user-basis
  • Discover and reuse existing learning content
  • Develop a greater understanding of where and how each piece of learning content is being used
  • Ensure that content is always up-to-date, no matter how many different places it’s been used
  • Track, trace and assign assembly tasks to instructional designers
  • Streamline review and approval workflows
  • Integrate interactive, rich-media content to immerse your learners







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Date Published : 14th of September 2015