Webinar: How True InDesign Multi-format Can Transform Your Content Workflow

Event Date : 06/02/2015  |   Start time : 15:00 GMT  |   Location : Online

IDHThe team at Ixxus working with MarkLogic have tackled this problem and created the Ixxus Design Hub to generate multiple formats in parallel to your print workflow enabling you to truly create a digital first workflow that can do it all.

In this free, 60-minute webinar, join us to discover:

  • The challenges in today’s print first workflows 
  • How the Ixxus Design Hub can enable multi-format publishing from one source and increase efficiency and speed time to market 

We’ll take a look at the specific features of the Ixxus Design Hub and explore how it can help you to store, search, manipulate, enrich and combine content into new and engaging products including interactive features as pop-up messages, video clips, and custom widgets. Join us to see the the Ixxus Design Hub that helps you create a flexible workflows that deliver on the promise of digital first.

Register here for the free webinar. 

Date Published : 30th of March 2015